Bronze Free Range Turkey


Free Range Bronze Turkeys from our own farm, John Howe Turkeys, based just outside Tenterden.


We have been producing turkeys for the last 46 years and we are really proud of what we do. Our ethos has always remained the same; to produce the very best turkey possible.

Our turkeys are slow growing, old fashioned breeds, raised on a natural, cereal based diet, free from antibiotics and growth promoters. Both our Bronze and White Birds are free range from 8 weeks of age

All our turkeys are dry plucked by hand and game hung for a minimum of 10 days to ensure a delicious and succulent flavour.

John Howe Turkeys is a member of the Traditional Farm-fresh Turkey Association and all our birds are produced under its strict Golden Turkey quality assurance code.

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Cooking Guide

  • Remove all packaging as soon as possible after collecting your turkey and store in a cool place, preferably at the bottom of your fridge. Remove and keep the giblets separately in a cool place.
  • Remove the turkey from the fridge 2 hours before cooking, to allow to reach room temperature. If your turkey is trussed, it is best to remove the string before cooking.
  • Avoid stuffing the main cavity as this stop the turkey cooking properly. Instead you may like to place an apple or peeled onion in the cavity.
  • Place the giblets around the bird (this helps achieve the tastiest gravy!) season and place the bird breast side down in the roasting tin. For Crowns keep the breast up.
  • Preheat your oven to 180ºc (160º fan) Gas 4/5. For an Aga, use closest to these temperatures.
  • After an hour of cooking turn the bird carefully on to its back to further cook and brown the breast.
  • To avoid disappointment do not overcook your turkey. This can be avoided by either using a ‘pop up’ timer or meat thermometer – you are looking to achieve a temperature of around 68 degrees. Failing that test with a fork on the inside of the thigh when the juices run clear the bird is ready.
  • After removing the turkey from the oven and before carving it, allow it to rest for 30-60 minutes. Do not cover.


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